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Find Savage/Springfield/Stevens Model 99F parts, accessories and schematics with Numrich Gun Parts. Notifications . Close. ... .308 Win, 19 3/4", Square Threads, Used (Stamped 99F) ... Lever Round Back Pistol Grip Enlarge Image. Lever, Round Back, …


Savage Model 99 – .308 WIN – Mfg 1958. $ 799.99. Ready for sale is a Savage Model 99 lever-action rifle in .308 WIN. Serial number – 952660. Mfg Dated; 1958. This rifle is in good condition, with some minor dings and scratches on the barrel and receiver. Deer hunters will swear to the end of their days that the Savage Model 99 in 300 ...

The Savage model 1899 rifle that was chambered in 303 Sav.caliber was made from 1899-1922.The model 1895 Savage lever action rifle in 303 Savage caliber was made from 1895-1899.The last rifle ...

I have a savage lever action 308 model 99F that is in fine to excellent condition. Based on Serial number was built in the 1960s, Barrel was made prior to savage relocation. Gun has a weaver scope from that same time period.

Seller's Description: LSB#: 120907AH17 Make: Savage Arms Corporation Model: 99F Serial Number: 1063449 Year of Manufacture: 1963 Caliber: .308 Winchester Action Type: Lever Action with Internal Rotary Magazine Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked "308 Win". The right side of the barrel is marked "Savage High Pressure Steel - Proof Tested".

GA Sales: 1134. $949.00. Full Details More from this Seller. 5 Image (s) Savage 99. Savage Model 99 lever action chambered in .300 Savage that boasts a 24'' barrel with a length of pull of 13'' over the pad, great bore takedown model with pistol grip stock, and a ... (read more) Gun #: 938594117.

An excellent Savage Model 99 F lever action rifle chambered in the .308 Winchester cartridge. It has a 22" barrel with a perfect bore. Serial number is 1009047 and it has a 11L lever boss code, meaning it was produced in 1960. It is in its original factory configuration, unaltered, and is in very nice condition.

Savage Model 99 Lever Action Rifle - .300 Savage $506.00: 7 $506.00 1d 16h 46m 17177580. No Reserve. SAVAGE M 99G - .300 Savage $1,200.00: 0 $1,200.00 4d 10h 48m 16878393. No Reserve. Savage Model 99 Lever Rifle 303 Savage - .303 Savage …

.308 Win. SAVAGE 99 F 308 WIN 1959 99F NICE ! PRICE: $950.00 MANUFACTURER: Savage ... Savage Model 99c Lever Action Rifle 308 Win 1962 NICE C&R Cral 1454-15 #9. PRICE: $975.00 MANUFACTURER: Savage ...

Rough Savage 1895, 1899 and 99 serial number dating, based on the data I have collected over the years. 1895's: Serial number 3000-5000 manufactured in 1896. Serial number 5000-9999 manufactured in 1897. These are rough numbers based on letters from the historian, there are a few guns mixed into the higher numbers with a 1898 manufacture date but few and far between.

Field Stripping and Full Stripping Are Included! Strip it down to the Frame With These Manuals and Put It Back Right! Here are the full Disassembly Service Manuals of the Savage Model 99 Lever-Action Rifle Rifle.. You get step by step Pictures packed along with all the Written information and a Schematic Legend to correctly take this Savage 99 Lev er-Action Rifle Rifle completely apart!

The Savage 99 in 308 is an extremely usable and flexible rifle. For the reloader, a 308 is the gun for any occasion. With a 150 grain jacketed bullet: full power (factory load) at 2800 fps. Drop down to 2700 fps and you have original 30-06 performance. Drop to 2600 fps and you have a duplicate to the 300 Savage.

SOLD FOR: $1,655. LSB#: 200227BL07 Make: Savage Arms Corporation Model: 99F Featherweight Serial Number: 905602 Year of Manufacture: 1956 (H date code) Caliber: .308 Winchester Action Type: Lever Action with Rotary Magazine.This rifle is a solid frame model. Markings: The left of the barrel is marked "308 WIN." and "SP" in oval, the right "HI-PRESSURE STEEL – PROOF TESTED ...

Review: Savage Model 99. The rifle used in the photos that accompany this article was loaned by the family of the late Ralph Moyer, a lifelong hunter and fisherman. He was a butcher and a night watchman at Split Rock Lodge in the Poconos. Moyer won this great Savage 99 in the early 1960s on a punchboard game of chance.

I have a Savage Model 99F 308 cal level action rifle. This rifle is in excellent condition and has been owned by me for the last 48 years. It has a Bushnell 3X9 power scope on it and has killed many deer. It has checkering on the butt and for arm of the stock. The strange thing is that is has engraving on both sides on the metal.

Savage 99F .308 Safety is on the lever. On the lever boss it looks like an SP or a dS and the other oval contains the number 236. Serial number is 901XXX Older rifle.. I think from the late 50s. Uses a 5-round rotary internal magazine and is lever action. Has a K4-60-B Weaver scope and mounts from the same era. Origianal blueing on the rifle.

Has 22 inch barrel with good bore. Lever action magazine fed rifle. Blade front and sporting rear sights. Includes Tasco 3-9X40 rifle scope. Metal has bright blue finish. Casehardening on lever and gold trigger.Checkered walnut stocks with Savage curved metal butt plate. Cocking indicator and shell counter. SN:1176249 Condition: Very Good.

Seller's Description: LSB#: 140116NS18 Make: Savage Arms Corporation Model: 99C Serial Number: 1126502 Year of Manufacture: 1966 (From "T" on Lever Boss) Caliber: .308 Winchester Action Type: Lever Action with Removable 4-Round Magazine Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked "308 Win.". The right side of the barrel is marked "High Pressure Steel - Proof Tested".

.300 savage savage arms 99 gulf breeze, fl: used: 3/15/2021: $1,125.00 : savage arms 99c..308 win. lever action rifle w/ scope 22" 3704 22 inch " barrel tinley park, il 60477: used: 2/26/2021: $1,099.00 .300 savage arms 99 1940 24 inch " barrel m99 albertville, al 35950: used: 2/17/2021: $400.00 .300 savage arms model 99f rifle w/scope in 300 ...

The 99F model has the built in rotary clip. For those who don't know this model, the Savage Model 99 is a lever action rifle that was brought into production in 1899 as the first hammer-less lever action rifle. The rotary magazine allowed the rifle to carry ammunition that was pointed to allow for greater velocity and energy down range.

A design truly ahead of its time, the Savage Model 99 is deadly on deer, and it can command quite a bit of value on the open market. What made the Savage Model 99 an innovative design, and why is it collectable today? Like Savage's Model 1895, which preceded it, the Savage Model 99 was a hammerless lever-action rifle.

The Savage 99 in 308 is an extremely usable and flexible rifle. For the reloader, a 308 is the gun for any occasion. With a 150 grain jacketed bullet: full power (factory load) at 2800 fps. Drop down to 2700 fps and you have original 30-06 performance. Drop to 2600 fps and you have a duplicate to the 300 Savage.

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Savage 99F 308 Winchester. Description: *** SOLD *** SOLD *** 1967 (boss code 14U) Savage 99F Featherweight (serial # 1136286) in 308 Winchester with 22" barrel and shiny bore. If you have been waiting for a good looking 99F in 308 Winchester, you may have just found it. Convenient top tang safety is ideal for both right and left handed shooters.

Buy 1958 Savage Model 99F .308 Win. Lever Action Rifle: GunBroker is the largest seller of Lever Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 909424210

Hey All. I was at a yard / garage sale and found someone selling an old Savage 99 C lever action rifle in 308 win. The bluing was about 85% no pitting inside or out of the barrel. The action was good and no rust on the receiver. The stock was pinned like they do in the military with cracked stocks. The lady said sh wanted $300 for it and so I ...

This rifle is a Savage Model 99F, chambered in .308 Winchester. This Savage lever action rifle's receiver was re-blued by a 3rd party and shows some pitting. Wood is in good condition. The 22″ round barrel has a good bore. Includes Redfield rings and base. Sold …

A) Savage Model 99F Rifle. NE - GOOD- in working condition, wear on working surfaces, finish 40% - 79%, no broken parts, no corrosion or pitting that will interfere with proper functioning, but may have some minor surface pitting. Wood condition commensurable with percent of finish with dings and dents associated with 40% - 79% gun.

The Model 99 Savage and its .303 Savage round brought high velocity and flat trajectory to the lever-action rifle. The most notable feature on the Model 99 is its rotary magazine.