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Features. Completely enclosed chain helps prevent contact with moving parts and prevents contamination of conveyor chain and bearings. All-Flex chain is designed to provide maximum flexibility in all directions and features easy assembly or disassembly with simple hand tools. Tighter radius curves provides closer spacing of curve tangents.

Strand FLX S Series lighting consoles let you quickly create beautiful looks in less time using the award-winning ZerOS software platform from Zero 88, part of the Signify portfolio brands. LEGACY OF STRAND AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. A compact, easy-to-use console perfect for schools, houses of worship, broadcast studios, and portable applications.

Series FLX Conveyor FEATURES - Rapat Corporation Series FLX Conveyor. FEATURES. RAPAT FLX CONVEYOR. Do you need to move materials at steep …

The Rapat Series-FLX is an industrial duty corrugated sidewall belt conveyor that is capable of moving product at steep angles up to 90 degrees. The corrugated sidewall belting will handle a wide variety of materials in six different configurations. Each conveyor is completely unique and designed to fit the needs of your specific application.

Benefits of FlexMove Stainless Series Conveyor: Stainless Steel Construction is ideal for corrosion resistant applications or packaging lines; Provides capability for vertical incline with minimal floor space; Features modular framing for future add-on capability and production line changes

The Rapat Series FLX is an industrial-duty, bulk-handling flexwall conveyor designed to move product at angles of up to 90°. It gently and efficiently moves product in an enclosed frame or open channel frame. Product is conveyed in a protective "pocket", so damage is minimized while throughput is maximized.

Series FLX Conveyor FEATURES RAPAT FLX CONVEYOR Do you need to move materials at steep angles without losing capacity? The Rapat Flexwall Conveyor is uniquely suited for your application– moving product at angles up to 90 degrees! And, since it con-veys your product in a protective "pocket", damage is minimized while overall throughput is ...

The Rapat Bulk Handling Series SCR Conveyor is an economical, low maintenance conveyor designed to handle bulk product. Built for efficiency and durability with unmatched features and common-sense engineering, the shape of the SCR conveyor frame forms the belt into a trough, so the bulk materials ride smoothly along the top of the belt.

With Available features such as end box-stop and hooks, this Flex Wheel Gravity Conveyor can adapt to fit almost any custom application. The Flex Wheel Series is now available in six standard lengths and two widths, and all sizes providing up to a 200 pound per linear foot load capacity. Download PDF Here. Features:

Flex Wheel Series Gravity Conveyor Benefits & Features. Flex Wheel Series Gravity Conveyor is ideal for conveying flat-based items like boxes, cases and cartons, and has the capacity to handle heavy and bulky SKUs. Benefits. Ensure superior material flow; Achieve maximum strength and durability for conveyor lines; Seamlessly connect to ...

Series FLX Conveyor FEATURES - Rapat Corporation Series FLX Conveyor. FEATURES. RAPAT FLX CONVEYOR. Do you need to move materials at steep …

The FLX machinery series has been specially developed to offer an automated solution for the packaging of the popular Standup Pouch and other pre-made Pouch and Bag formats. ALLIEDFLEX® newest machine for filling liquids. It's a semi-automatic FLX SPOUTFILL filling and capping machine for spouted pouches.

To further help your business transport a broad range of products, FlexMove Conveyors offer a variety of options with unique features, such as flexible chain with cleats, rollers, friction pads, steel top, anti-static and also fabric belts. FlexMove Series Conveyors are best for:

Rapat conveyors, bucket elevators and support structures. This transfer tower and enclosed trussed con-veyor are designed to move product from bulk storage to processing. Our Series FLX conveyor uses a corrugated sidewall belt for conveying up steep inclines.

Series FLX Conveyor FEATURES - Rapat Corporation features that simply are not possible with "off-the-rack" systems. Your FLX conveyor will ... Belt alignment switches to shut off conveyor or alert an operator should ...

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